Official Name Change - Formerly known as Fusion Robotics

We changed our name to Main Sequence Robotics in 2023 in recognition of our growth from one singular team to multiple Teams over the past thirteen years. Our organization has grown and expanded to include more than 50 students in our programs. Our founding team, Fusion 4133, will retain their original name. We felt it was appropriate to shift our organization name to encompass all the teams we have added since 2010. 

The origin of our new name comes from the field of astronomy as all our team names are related to this topic. About 90 percent of the stars in the universe, including the sun, are main sequence stars.

It is important to note that our legal name, which is registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, remains Fusion Robotics. We are operating under the DBA (Doing Business As) name of Main Sequence Robotics. 


Donate with no service fees via PayPal Giving Fund

We are excited to offer the opportunity to contribute to our organization with no service fees. Please click this link to donate through the PayPal Giving Fund site.  

Please note that our legal name remains Fusion Robotics which is reflected on PayPal.